Monday, May 18, 2009


My birthday was quite nice... I received lots of cards and some gifts from my colleagues... I also strolled around Cardiff (st. mary's and queens street). This is my first birthday away from home... I badly miss home though... I hope I can someday celebrate it with my loved ones next year...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To Do's 2009-2010

1. Finish the NVQ course and get work permit
2. Cardiff Bay Tour with Chay on my birthday
3. Go to Madame Tussauds with Jen and Sheimida
4. Ride a Hot air Balloon in Bristol

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just Another Update of my life

Lately it's been boring... Thank God for NEWS which spiced up my life... with their new single Koi no Abo, which I think is their best single to date, my spirits are getting high... I so love the PV! Massu looked so hot and cute at the same time ^__^
will edit this post later for some caps of the pv...

I also got a tv in my room now and I just spent 29GBP for a scart adapter to get freeview channels but I still need to buy an aerial... I also have the internet by Sky broadband up and running now =D
I'm slowly settling down in this country... Thank God.

I also had a long video chat through Skype with my mom and dad. My Dad will be going to China tomorrow to visit his old father--- my grandad in Xiamen... I'm happy for him, hope everything goes well. I also found out my brother's been gone for the whole week! He's off partying in Bantayan Island with his friends... that guy can't really sit around in the house!

I've had a good day off today and it's back to work again tomorrow night... =(

Ja ne!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


I just made a terrible mistake at work... I know my manager's dissapointed or upset with me and all I can do is say sorry...
anyway I don't wanna remember bad things so I won't elaborate on this more...

and I barely had a day off...

The only good thing is, I shopped for a bit to compensate for the bad and stressful things in life...

I bought a black jacket with hood and a green shirt which were on sale at this shop in town called Internacionale, both for only 10 pounds...

So at least it's something that can make me happy... and Massu of course...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tentative Plan

Ok I'm still unsure of my career path... But I've become really interested in dental nursing.

1. get a working visa after my student visa expires, move to london or kent, work for a year while studying a course in dental nursing part time. 2010-2011
2. be a dental nurse 2011-2012

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I feel like blogging

Ok I'm off tonight... I just chatted with one of my best friends in life, karla... I really miss my friends back home. I wish we could do our regular hangouts like before. I'll really go back and we'll have a reunion once again next year =) Like we planned, it's gotta be a beach celebration... with elena getting married, karla and prescil graduating and me having a job... it's worth celebrating ne?
by the way here's a beautiful painting made by karla for her university's exhibit...

the people there standing are her sister and friends... but that's us on the wall... (From left:karla in her kawaii lolita costume, elena and her daughter and me, the nurse... I was really moved by this... Thank you, karla!!!

On another note, I'm trying my best here in this foreign land by myself. It's not really perfect here and I don't feel complete yet. I'm just glad to be doing something. Work is not perfect and the people around me are not perfect... but well I guess there's really no such thing as a perfect life. We'll have good and bad times, Meet good and not-so good people... Like there's this bossy woman at work who acts like a know-it-all (but we just ignore her). I only care about myself here anyway since my loved ones are back home...

Everything's costly here too so I really learned what it's like to budget your own money... It's a nice experience for me to grow up...

I can't wait to go back home and see my family and friends...

Friday, March 6, 2009

This Fits Me Right Now...

Because I still feel homesick... T^T

Miso Soup- by Tegomasu

Just another "same ol'day"
Picking up the same ol''food
The dinner from the shelf
I got used to eating alone
Just by myself, but something makes me feel kind of tired
Another package arrived with a note
Asking if everything's alright with me
Whenever I call you ask me
If I am coming home for the, New year holiday
Miso Soup, I feel your loving
Tender care, it's always nice and hot
I'm always a kid, I'll never be matured enough
Never asked for anything
You gave me all the love you had
All the love you gave me, Mom
Makes me want to see you again
Feels a little cold, today
Nothing much better to do
Than just watch TV at home
I got used to being alone
Just by myself, but something makes me feel the loneliness
Still I see you in my, in my mind
With your head out the door with the smile that's so Mom
I always wonder if you're doing fine
Maybe, this is the year, the year that I should go home
Miso Soup, I still remember
It's in my heart, when things are going tough
So I'd never get lost, you would alwas hold my hand
Never asked for anything
You were always there for me
Makes me come back to your smile
I'll always be there for you
When you get tired of that life
'cause life in the city is not everything
Come back home anytime

Miso Soup, I feel your loving
Tender care, it's always nice and hot
I'm always a kid, I'll never be matured enough
Never asked for anything
You gave me all the love you had
All the love you gave me, Mom
Makes me want to see you again

Makes me want to see you again

I miss mom, dad, my annoying brother and winky... Even though we chat often through skype, it's still different when you live with them and eat my mom's homecooked meal...